GCC Virtual Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at GCC Virtual.

1) Membership Terms and Conditions

1.1) GCC Virtual is a Virtual Airline supporting flight simulation enthusiasts and the virtual aviation community
1.2) All members must be at least 13 years of age
1.3) We support only Flight Simulator 9, FSX (both boxed and Steam), Prepar3D and X Plane Simulators
1.4) Membership is free
1.5) Members must install our flight logging client from our download section for flying.
1.6) We do allow 100 hours to be transferred from Other Virtual Airlines (Not Implemented yet)
1.7) IVAO or VATSIM membership is not required, but encouraged.
1.8) New members must fly their first flight within the first 15 days of joining the VA.
1.9) Members must fly at least 1 flight a month to remain active
1.10) Pilots can request leave if they are unable to fly for extended period of time
1.11) Double dipping (Flying the same flight for 2 different VAs at the same time is not allowed)
1.12) All Pilots are initially assigned with rank 'Trainee' automatically once membership is Accepted. This rank can only be promoted if the pilot logs more than required virtual flying hours as per our Ranks section of the website.
1.13) All Pilots should register with a valid E-mail ID.
1.14) Hub Transfers cannot be done since hubs are only for administrative purposes.
1.15) All members should respect each other among the VA.
1.16) Engaging in arguments/fights/debates that disrupt the operations on the VA will lead to Termination
1.17) Involving in any argument/debate related to Political or Religion is strictly prohibited.

2) Pilot Report Rules (PIREP)

2.1) Reasonable airmanship is expected on each flight
2.2) We understand flight sim glitches & problems
2.3) Our landing rate goal is -500 fpm or less
2.4) Entering a comment when flight expectations are exceeded will almost always be considered favourably
2.5) Time acceleration, slewing, unlimited fuel & inflight refuelling are not allowed
2.6) Changing aircraft after starting SmartCARS is not allowed
2.7) Diverts are allowed with the following considerations
2.8) Must add a comment to your report with these items: State the flight is a divert, Divert ICAO and Reason for divert - Example: Diverted to OKBK. Weather below landing minimums
2.9) PIREPs found with below rules will be rejected
2.10) a. Time acceleration in Sim
2.11) b. Slewing (Slew mode)
2.12) c. Mid Air-refuelling
2.13) d. Pausing mid-flight. (Pausing for max 1 hour during T/D is allowed)
2.14) Landing Rate below -600fpm -> PIREP will be accepted.
2.15) Landing Rate above -600fpm but below -750fpm -> PIREP will be rejected, but you are allowed to file a Manual PIREP with a reasonable excuse for the excessive landing rate
2.16) Landing Rate is above -750fpm -> PIREP will be rejected, No manual PIREP is allowed.
2.17) If Your sim crashes during approach manual PIREP is accepted but with the flight logs proof. Pilots should mention their explanation in the flight PIREP, on the Remark section before submitting).
2.18) All pilots can fly maximum of 5 Charter Flights of their Choice per month.
2.19) All GCC Virtual scheduled flight operations, has a designated aircraft section on the Flight Plan. This is the preferred aircraft type. There is no restriction for changing the aircraft type with according to our fleet exchange sheet criteria (Flight Operation/Fleet exchange sheet)
2.20) Pilots should not book a virtual flight if they are not sure of flying it within scheduled departure time of 48 hours from the virtual flight booking time.

If you agree with our Rules and Regulations, you may continue to fill out the Application by clicking below.

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